The “Flip Flop” Smear

When a politician changes a position on an issue, it is demonized. It is called a “flip flop”, and the politician is smeared as a “flip flopper”.

Ever changed your mind on something? You are officially a “flip flopper.”

Imagine if society were that rigid and certain. Abortions would still be illegal, there’d be no gay marriage, women still couldn’t vote, slavery would still exist, and so on.

If citizens use protests in an effort to convince government to change policies, then it helps to have politicians that might be willing to “flip flop” from time to time.

Sometimes politicians flip flop for the wrong reasons, but this doesn’t mean that we should make it so many are scared to change their minds in fear of the repercussions. We need to reject these “flip flop” smears as they make it harder for politicians to do what’s right, when faced with evidence that may run contrary to what they may have believed in the past.

Really, why should politicians be the only people that can’t change their minds?


Impossible People, Impossible Politics

Some people aren’t fond of us Liberals because we are not a party driven by ideology alone. While the Conservatives prefer to take the right side of issues and the NDP prefer the left, we Liberals are flexible. This means that we can change opinions based on the facts, but many believe that it means we only want to do what is popular and what will win votes. To them I ask, was it popular when we were elected in the 90s, to renege on election commitments in order to stabilize Canada’s financial situation? Doubtful, but it needed to be done.

Many admire the Conservatives, and the NDP because they believe in an ideology, and will stand up for it. I would say that they are simply rigid and stubborn. Do we really want our government making decisions for us based on a near religious belief system, or do we want them to make decisions based on evidence? Do we really want our government to deny any evidence that might dispute their right wing/left wing beliefs, or do we want them to adjust to proven realities?

Almost everyone knows an impossible person, who cannot be convinced of their own faults, and honestly believes in their own perfection.  Trying to suggest to this impossible person that things might not be quite as they perceive them is a hopeless task and a waste of time. Electing a party because of their rigid beliefs is like electing that impossible person to govern. We get impossible politics, because there is no room for movement. Both ideological parties are certain that they are correct and refuse to admit that they could be wrong. It is when the left and right parties change positions from the typical right or left position, that they really are doing it for votes alone.

Liberals wish to strike a balance between free markets and social justice, and can change based on the facts.

I don’t believe the best party to govern is a party that is rigid and stubborn, with inflexible core beliefs.

I think that the best party to govern is one that can be flexible and bases decisions on facts, not ideology.

Connecting With Voters

Part of it is policy.

Part of it is leadership.

Most of it is passion.

I am of the belief that when voters aren’t simply voting against someone else, than they will be voting for the party who’s leader gives them the most hope for the future.

They will be voting for the party that they believe will do what is right, and vote against those that would travel the path of least resistance to power, or to secure their gold plated pensions.

Engaging in “politics as usual” is a recipe for disconnect. This is what we have been doing, and this is where we’ve ended up.

Our leader should stand up for what is right.

Our leader should answer questions directly.

What I’ve found pisses people off most, and pisses me off,  is when politician’s are asked difficult questions, and they answer by not answering. Bev Oda’s hotel affair was a perfect example. Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro was asked repeatedly on Power and Politics, whether or not the limo was paid back, and he refused to answer the question. That should be a simple yes or no question, but unclear political speak was used to answer nothing, and to hide everything.

We need to set a new trend of honesty, democracy, and passion for doing what is right for a better future. Sometimes people aren’t going to like what we have to say, but at least they will respect us for having the courage to say it.

When we see passion in another who really believes in their cause, and has the courage to stand up for it, we know it. We know it not in our minds, but in our hearts, because just as our hearts will sink with sorrow in the face of injustice, they will ignite with optimism in the presence of passion.

Let’s work to ignite our party, and our voters.