The “Flip Flop” Smear

When a politician changes a position on an issue, it is demonized. It is called a “flip flop”, and the politician is smeared as a “flip flopper”.

Ever changed your mind on something? You are officially a “flip flopper.”

Imagine if society were that rigid and certain. Abortions would still be illegal, there’d be no gay marriage, women still couldn’t vote, slavery would still exist, and so on.

If citizens use protests in an effort to convince government to change policies, then it helps to have politicians that might be willing to “flip flop” from time to time.

Sometimes politicians flip flop for the wrong reasons, but this doesn’t mean that we should make it so many are scared to change their minds in fear of the repercussions. We need to reject these “flip flop” smears as they make it harder for politicians to do what’s right, when faced with evidence that may run contrary to what they may have believed in the past.

Really, why should politicians be the only people that can’t change their minds?

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  1. lktaylor

     /  May 16, 2012

    They can’t. And they sure as hell are’not…


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