Impossible People, Impossible Politics

Some people aren’t fond of us Liberals because we are not a party driven by ideology alone. While the Conservatives prefer to take the right side of issues and the NDP prefer the left, we Liberals are flexible. This means that we can change opinions based on the facts, but many believe that it means we only want to do what is popular and what will win votes. To them I ask, was it popular when we were elected in the 90s, to renege on election commitments in order to stabilize Canada’s financial situation? Doubtful, but it needed to be done.

Many admire the Conservatives, and the NDP because they believe in an ideology, and will stand up for it. I would say that they are simply rigid and stubborn. Do we really want our government making decisions for us based on a near religious belief system, or do we want them to make decisions based on evidence? Do we really want our government to deny any evidence that might dispute their right wing/left wing beliefs, or do we want them to adjust to proven realities?

Almost everyone knows an impossible person, who cannot be convinced of their own faults, and honestly believes in their own perfection.  Trying to suggest to this impossible person that things might not be quite as they perceive them is a hopeless task and a waste of time. Electing a party because of their rigid beliefs is like electing that impossible person to govern. We get impossible politics, because there is no room for movement. Both ideological parties are certain that they are correct and refuse to admit that they could be wrong. It is when the left and right parties change positions from the typical right or left position, that they really are doing it for votes alone.

Liberals wish to strike a balance between free markets and social justice, and can change based on the facts.

I don’t believe the best party to govern is a party that is rigid and stubborn, with inflexible core beliefs.

I think that the best party to govern is one that can be flexible and bases decisions on facts, not ideology.

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  1. Andrew

     /  May 15, 2012

    Well said. Too bad that the Party is not listening.

  2. Well said, and the PARTY is listening. Cheers!


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