The Economy IS Important, but it operates Within the Environment

Most economists will agree that most economic troubles are the cause of human action, but there are some that are not. The environment can cause economic disruption when natural disasters damage a country’s assets, and force savings to be spent on rectifying the problems caused.

Harper et. al. don’t seem to get this. They claim that the economy will suffer from too much environmental protectionism, but I would say that a far greater danger to the economy is environmental disaster.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I support the development of industry that may appear environmentally damaging on the surface, because I believe that what might seem damaging at first might actually be good overall, if it reduces the amount of supply coming from bigger polluters with little to no environmental protections in other parts of the world.

It is impossible to abruptly stop demand on some things in the absence of replacements. Too fast, radical change is likely not the best approach to the environment. We all need to be able to heat and power our homes, commute to work, etc. but we need to find the best way to expedite the development of efficient and affordable, green technologies. We should always be working toward better solutions for a greener Canada, not just when we believe we are nearing a crisis. I strongly believe that the best approach will be through government incentives for private sector development because we will have a bigger pool of ideas to draw from and we won’t be limited to the ideas of those who are on the government payroll.

The worst thing we can do, is absolutely nothing.

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