Accountability- What’s That? We want more checks and balance, not less

Reading about cuts to the office of the Auditor General’s office here, reminded me of this song, here.

And that pretty well sums up our dearly beloved Conservative party of Canada, doesn’t it? “Responsibility, what’s that? Responsibility, not quite yet!” Any time they are about to be held responsible for some action,    they become masters of deception, distraction and defamation to shift attention away from their mistakes, misjudgments and misconduct.

That all works very well, but it is much easier to not even be held accountable in the first place. Why bother trying to explain, or distract, when it is much easier to leave things unquestioned in the first place?

Hence, the omnibus bill.

Hence, a reduction in audits.

Looking closer, the article reads, “the office will no longer audit how the Canada Revenue Agency and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency report their performance.”


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Wasn’t that agency recently cut?

After cutting 4% of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s staff, why would we want to audit their performance? That might prove that those cuts were wrong.

And why would the Conservatives want to deal with that?

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