Disabled Parents Fight for Rights

I recently read about new parents,  Maricyl Palisoc and Charles Wilton, who suffer with Cerebral Palsy and are fighting with Children’s Aid to keep their child.

This couple isn’t even being given the chance. Though I understand the need to ensure that the child is safe, the couple hasn’t done anything to make one suspect that the child would not be safe. All they’ve done, in order to have CAS involved is be victims of cerebral palsy. Maybe I’m missing something but I strongly believe that they need to be given the chance to care for their child.

They are in an assisted living home with help available. The problem is, CAS wants them to be fully supervised by an ‘able-bodied person’ offering 24-hour care. CAS doesn’t trust them alone to care for their baby without this ‘able-bodied person’. The entire thing prejudges the parents on the basis of their disability alone, and nothing else. Teenage parents face many challenges too, but we would never involve CAS when a child is born on that basis alone. These parents aren’t being afforded the same rights as all others. Is it not wrong in this country to be prejudice on the basis of disability, age, gender, race, etc?

I can’t imagine how the parents feel, being judged on their disability alone, not their actions. There will be challenges, but who is the state to decide what is best without giving the parents a chance in the first place? It appears that the CAS has assumed not only that the parents are unable to provide proper care for the child, but also that the parents wouldn’t want to do what is best for their child. Presumably, the parents feel that they have the mechanisms in place to provide the care the child needs,  but the government is telling them that they can’t be trusted.

This could set a dangerous precedent:

“If you are disabled and choose to have children, then you better be prepared to deal with CAS and you better be able to afford 24 hour ‘able-bodied care’. We do not believe you can be expected to do what is best for your child. We do not believe that you are able. You are nothing but disabled.”

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