Hurricane of Events

Lots has been unfolding lately, in the political world and in my personal life. On Monday, my wife and I ecstatically welcomed our fourth child, third boy, Noah into the world, unconventionally, but everyone is healthy and happy so all is well!

I know it might not be to Bev Oda’s taste, but I thought it was interesting that an upgrade to a Private room from the OHIP covered ward would run about $200/night. As the name suggests, a private room allows for only 1 bed and 1 patient, with a private bathroom and shower.  Any medical care needed would continue to be provided to my wife and she would still receive three meals daily, with Orange Juice (sometimes Apple Juice too). Noah would also be given medical care, formula and diapers as needed. An additional built-in cot is provided in the private rooms as well for partners. Parking is not included, but cost is a maximum of $14 per day and taxi’s are estimated at about $10 per 2 km trip.

My point is that even when you’re in the hospital, more luxurious accommodations are available for more affordable costs than what was billed to taxpayers by Oda. Even long term care in a manor with a similar private room is under $5000 per month in most cases. A month stay at the Savoy would be about $20’000. Bev Oda wanted the most expensive hotel, just so she could brag about staying at the most expensive hotel.

Clearly she is suffering from a sense of entitlement beyond what her position as a minister warrants. A position in government is supposed to be about serving the public interest, not one’s selfish interest.

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  1. sassy

     /  April 27, 2012

    Congratulations on the birth of Noah.

    Sense of entitlement = SH party of Canada


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