A Party for Canadians: From the ground up

We know that the NDP and the Conservatives are the parties of extremes. The Liberals have historically occupied the middle. Canadian’s, by and large, occupy the middle too. Liberals haven’t been successful in selling a vision to Canadian’s because for one reason or another, there has been a problem with that vision. It stands to reason that Harper seized his majority by attracting Liberal voters, not NDP voters. If a more socialist, NDP style vision is what was desired, Canada would have an NDP government today, but we don’t.

To be Canada’s party, we need to reflect the views of the majority of Canadian’s. Most Canadian’s, I think, want to help their neighbor, but they also don’t want to be taken advantage of. They also want government services to work.

The Liberal Party needs more non-ideological Canadian’s to share their views with the party. This is why the supporter category is such a good idea. We have extended our invitation to a larger group, and hopefully by doing this we will attract more Canadians. Those that have not previously been a member of a political party, hopefully will realize that if they want politician’s to talk about the issues that matter to them, if they want politics to be different, if they want government to be better, sometimes they have to join a party to make that difference.

The Liberal party needs hijacked by more Canadians that want to make a difference. Here’s how they can do it. 

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