The Politics of Greed: NDP vs. Conservative vs. Liberal

It occurred to me that if the Conservatives favour an ideology where a vast majority of the party believes that “The poor are that way by choice, therefore, why should I pay for their existence out of my income? I worked for it so I should get to keep more of it so I can be better off”  Then the majority of leftist NDP members tend to believe that, “the rich are too rich, therefore, government should take more of their money and give it to me, so I can be better off.” Both of these beliefs are driven by greed, justified to the believers by the demonization of the other.

Liberals seem better able to strike a balance because they are not predisposed to these kinds of sentiments. Decisions can be made by doing what is best after careful consideration, not what will right the perceived (and sometimes valid) wrongs of some demonized group.

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